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A Power Lead System Mini Overview 10/19/2020

There is so much you get in the Power Lead System at the Gold Affiliate membership level.  You get tools and training for promoting your business online and The Endless Free Leads system teaching you how to do Social Media Marketing, essentially turning places like Facebook and LinkedIn into a source of endless free leads forever.

What follows is a brief overview of what you get with the Power Lead System. (See video presentation above)


Many people want to take their business online, but have no clue how to do things like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing or creating Web Pages to promote their businesses with.  This is why the Power Lead System gives many different levels of training.  Gold Members of PLS get:

Endless Free Leads Mobile

This training by Max Steingart teaches you how to do Social Media Marketing the right way.  He demonstrates that, by asking a few simple questions to people you meet on Social Media, you can begin to tell who might be interested in your offers…and who likely is not.  Armed with this information a person can connect with likely prospects and be promoting their businesses in a kind informative way without spamming their links all over the web and ending up in Facebook jail.  He gives the best social media sites to use, and teaches a simple formula called “The Max Method” for connecting with the right people online.  This course normally sells for around $300 online.  You get the system free with your Gold Level membership.

Weekly Training and Overviews 

Another level of training you get with PLS are the weekly trainings and overviews given online by Franco.  Franco goes over the features of PLS and shares his method of driving traffic to your sales funnels to get you started quickly.

System Videos and Group Support

Also included with your membership are system videos presented in your Power Lead System back office teaching you how to use the system, how to create your first sales funnels, and many other tips and tricks as well.  The creators of PLS strive to make the site beginner friendly.  If you still have questions there is a PLS Facebook group available where owners and moderators help to answer any questions that come up.

Web Pages and Sales Funnels

The Power Lead System comes with a library of templates you can use to easily create web pages and sales funnels  There are done for you sales funnels made to promote PLS with, and there are complete instructions on how to edit these funnels to sell any other offer you may want to promote.  There is also a “Drag and Drop” editor which has recently been introduced to help members create their own web pages and sales funnels from scratch.  These pages can be connected to your autoresponder, so you can start generating leads when people opt in on your pages.  Which brings me to the next feature…


With PLS you also get your own autoresponder.  Use this tool to store your contacts in and message them with.  Your PLS Autoresponder also comes with done for you email campaigns professionally written to sell the Power Lead System.  You can use these campaigns as is, or copy and edit them to put the information in your own voice.  You can also create your own campaigns from scratch to use in promoting PLS or any other offer you may have.

Virtual Postcards

In case you get tired of sending out emails to your clients, you can break things up by sending them virtual postcards from time to time.  Create and send these virtual postcards for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or holidays.  You can also use them to just say hi.

The Best Comp Plan Ever

To me one of the more exciting features of PLS is their compensation plan that rewards affiliates with generous $20 commissions when they bring a customer or affiliate member into the system.  These commissions  are paid weekly and are recurring, so you earn them every month that your prospect remains as either a customer or affiliate member.

Plus you can profit for building successful teams with the PLS 50% Matching Bonus.  Whenever you bring in an affiliate member and they start making sales of their own, you get paid an additional bonus based on the income earned by your direct referrals.  So if you bring in an affiliate who joins using your link, and they make (for sake of example) $500 in sales in any given month, you will earn an additional $250 as your reward for bringing that member in.  Of course that’s just one small example.  You can make more or less depending on the earnings of your affiliate members.  And these bonuses are paid out every month.  The profit potential here is staggering.

Income Disclaimer:

Of course there is no guarantee of success when using the Power Lead System.  Results are not typical.  Your results will vary depending on many different factors such as work ethic, skill level and your willingness and ability to learn new skills.  And, while the profit potential is very good…there is no guarantee you will earn any money using this system.  Power Lead System is not a job, rather it is an entrepreneurial business opportunity that you must learn and work to the best of your ability.  Systems like this are not for everybody.

7 Day Free Trial

To help people determine if a program like Power Lead System is for you, newcomers get a 7 Day Free Trial Membership they can use to check the system out risk free.  Take a 7 day test drive of PLS and see if it feels right for you.  If it doesn’t, simply cancel your membership and owe nothing.  If you do decide to keep it you will be billed $53.97 a month for your affiliate membership.  There is no risk and no pressure, so check it out below and see what you think.

PLS 7 Day Free Trial Offer

Power Lead System Overview & Training: Long Term Mindset Required.

Being successful is never an overnight process.  It takes consistent work over the long term to get consistently positive results.

To be successful in your home based business you must develop a long term mental attitude and remain committed to building your business over time.  People love to dream about “overnight success” but fail to realize that every overnight success was preceded by months or years of struggle and work.  Remain committed to your home business and eventually your home business will be able to take care of you.

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Ralph of GrowWithRalph.com

I always wanted to be a work at home entrepreneur even before I knew what an entrepreneur was.  But getting started did not come easy.

I spent many years working for other people and traveling long distances to work.  And over that length of time I worked many different jobs; everything from clerical to light industrial to being a full time minister at a rural Christian Church.  It was during my 6 years as a Christian minister that my work day travel really got inflated.  At one point I was traveling over 600 miles per week traveling back and forth to seminary and carrying out the mission of the church.  My car got a work out and so did I!

Old and busted car

Then in 2011 my life began to change in unexpected ways.  It was at this time that my parents began to show the obvious signs of Alzheimer’s Disease (Mom) and Vascular Dementia (Dad).  It became clear someone had to stay at home to sit with them for most of the day.  Since I was the closest of three children, the lot fell to me.

My wife and I brainstormed about different ways we could earn a living from home.  Since we both had ministerial backgrounds we started doing personal coaching and giving spiritual advice to clients over the phone.  I also hustled up jobs doing lawn care for local clients.  It was rough (and scary) making the transition, but we made it work.

Since that day in 2011 I have experimented with different ways of earning a living from home.  What you will find here at GrowWithRalph.com are some of the better more replicable programs that I have found over the years.  I tend to focus on programs with proven track records rather than taking chances on startups with uncertain futures.  I have had my share of successes and I have also been stung in a few bad business deals (more on that later).    What I hope to be able to pass along to you are some of the lessons learned in over 9 years of being a home based entrepreneur.  It’s been an interesting trip (well worth every mile) and I am excited to be able to share it with you here.

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