Easter Reflections

Happy Easter

Well we’ve made it through 2020 and are moving along into 2021.

Most reading this post have had hard times during the recent pandemic and the shut-downs which ensued.  And here we are wondering what 2021 might hold in store for us.

Traditionally Easter brings us a message of renewed hope and promise.

In the religious interpretation of Easter we have the story of how Jesus conquered death by rising from the tomb on Easter Sunday.  Those who thought it was all over were surprised to see Him walking, talking and moving among them.  Where hope had been dashed, it was now restored.  He Was Risen!

And it is no accident that Easter falls around the time of Spring.

During the season of Spring we see a similar pattern of dying and rising.  When winter hits, the flowers and vegetation die leaving a bleak and barren landscape.  It seems that all is finished.  But the seeds lying quietly in the tomb of the Earth have other ideas.

When the warmth and moist weather of Spring arrive, the seeds of the Earth begin their annual cycle of rebirth and regeneration.  The landscape comes back to life once again out of the coldness of winter.  Life begins anew.

For those of us who have suffered loss and setbacks, Spring and Easter both can give us a renewed sense of hope.  And we can choose to grab that hope and boldly move forward again inspired by it.

Today make a conscious choice to focus on life and rebirth rather than mourning the losses of the past.

See this as a time to start over again, instead of regretting the past or looking fearfully towards the future.  Plant your seeds, nurture them, and watch them grow.

Our families, our lives, and our home-based businesses can be seen as the plants we grow from seed.  This Spring take the time you need to grow the things that are important to you, your family, and your community.

Now is not the time to be looking back at the past in sorrow.  Now is the time to be moving ahead into a brighter future.  And it is in our hands to begin co-creating that future by taking action now.

Equipped with the lessons taught to us by our past mistakes, and inspired by this season of hope, let us move boldly into the coming year and realize our goals together.

Best Wishes For A Happy Easter 2021,


Happy April Fools Day!

OK…so there’s nothing strange going on with Weird Al (that is, stranger than usual) or any other celebrities that I know of.  Just a post in good fun for the annual celebration of April Foolishness Day.

Hope you are having a great day so far, and remember the above saying by Mark Twain.  It is easier for people to be fooled than it is to convince them of their own foolishness.  So keep your eyes open, and don’t accept any wooden nickels!

Till Later,